Hello! Hola! Bon jour! Nihou! Kia ora!  We are Ryan and Kira Wheeler… A crazy fun loving, adventure seeking couple who were set-up by friends on a blind date in February 2012. It was lust love at first sight. 10 months later we took the polar plunge into marriage in Ryan’s hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Ever since that coldest best day ever, we have been conquering traveling the world together. When we aren’t globetrotting, we reside (for now) in the city of Chicago and LOVE this town in the summer!

One of our favorite things to do on any given day of the week, month or year is hop on a flight to discover a fun destination. Over the years (together and individually) we have traveled to more than 20 countries, 47 states and many, many more to come! What draws us to so much wandering? The unexpected, breathtaking, hilariously awkward, enlightening experiences we have encountered through our journeys… These irreplaceable memories will last a lifetime!

As our travels have become more frequent, friends and family have asked for more pictures and details of our trips. Without using bombarding our social media feeds and sharing with annoying those who aren’t interested, we’ve decided to set up this blog for all things related to our travels.

Some of our posts will be personal updates, some will be travel recommendations, and others will be how-to guides. That being said… We are excited to begin documenting our lives/travels more and hope it can help you better understand different cultures, find the best deals, answer your questions, and/or encourage you to live a life full of more experiences!

In Bob Marley’s words (and one of our life mottos), “Love the life you live and live the life you love”.

– Ryan & Kira aka “The Wandering Wheelers”