Looking for the best Zip Lining experience in Costa Rica and possibly the world!? Then this blog post is for YOU!

Costa Rica offers numerous ‘zip lining’ or ‘canopy tour’ options throughout the country as it is one of the most popular activities tourists can enjoy. You really can’t go on a ‘bad’ tour; however, if you are looking for the BEST experience out there…keep reading.

Best Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Sky Trek Adventures is where you will want to book! We have zip lined three (3) in times Costa Rica (as well as in Nicaragua), in three (3) different locations…Once in Rincon de La Vieja National Park and twice, through Sky Trek Adventures, in both their Arenal and Monte Verde locations. Our experience was great in Rincon de La Vieja National Park, but failed in comparison to the Sky Trek Adventures excursions and here are six (6) reasons why…

1)      Zip Lining that Feels Safe

They have the most well trained staff in the business who want you to have fun but also make you feel very comfortable and safe. You are double harnessed into the zip line as an extra safety precaution.


2)      7 Unbelievable Lines

There are 7 lines you will ride in each of their locations. The lines range from a few hundred feet long to several thousand feet long. We won’t tell you which ones are first, so you’ll have to see for yourself!

3)      The Longest Ziplines in Costa Rica

The distance you travel on each line is one of the BEST things about their ziplines. All 7 lines are super long and super fast, but one of them is over a half mile long!


4)      Super Fast Lines

Because of the length of their lines, you are able to gain speed that will send you flying across their canyons. On the longest line, you will reach speeds of up to 40 mph!

5)      Soaring Above the Canopies

The actual height above ground of each line is insane! Soaring through the canopies makes it feel like you’re flying. The views are spectacular as well (if you can dare to look away from your line).


6)      You Didn’t Feel Rushed

The duration of your adventure will range from 1.5-2 hours (depending on how many people are in your group). Nobody was rushing you to get to the next line (but they kept it moving for the most part), which made it feel more safe and secure. We did get backed up a few times so do expect to wait a few minutes in between lines.

Here are a few other helpful hints about Sky Trek Adventures…

  1. They have helmets that you can connect your GoPro to. If you don’t own a GoPro, they will let you ‘rent’ one of theirs for $40.00. After your tour, you can review all video/images and decide if you want them on a disk. The $40.00 covers the cost of the rental and the disk of your data. If you choose not to get any of your data from the GoPro footage, you will be returned your $40.00.
  2. It is $77.00 per person for their zip lining tour.
  3. They have free locker rentals for you to store your personal items before heading out.

Ziplining is a definite MUST while visiting Costa Rica and if you plan on traveling near Arenal or Monte Verde, Sky Trek Adventures NEEDS to be on your to-do list!

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